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Experience the intersection of biology and technology through hands-on activities and projects.

The agriculture pathway offers a broad assortment of classes in the vast industry of agriculture. We offer anything from floriculture to a precision agriculture course and everything in between. The industry is going through a lot of changes on how producers do their job and all of these courses highlight how things are done in each sector. We are always up to date on cutting edge technology and teach the newest information coming out in all course offered.

All courses offered are a mix between regular in class lecture and lab activities. We have two different outside laboratories we can utilize including our greenhouse for plant science courses and our animal lab for animal sciences courses. These are great resources to get students out of the classroom and gain hands on, real world experience. Students can learn how to properly give injections and vaccinate an animal, monitor animal health, learn to adjust feeding rations during different stages of gestation, help kid out the goats, and learn overall animal maintenance with our animal lab. The greenhouse offers great learning opportunities on how to identify plants during different growth stages, learn proper fertilizer rations and schedules, and learn how to manage a greenhouse from start to finish during our annual plant sale. We also have a hydroponic system we utilize in the greenhouse so students can see different ways we can grow plants and how they can get their nutrients.

Along with the two outside laboratories we have one lab inside that is equipped to help us do smaller scale projects. We also have a drone we can use in multiple classes, as precision agriculture is becoming a more important part of our industry every day. It is equipped with an infrared GoPro camera so students can fly it above a field and identify different chlorophyll levels throughout the field so students can see what areas might need more nutrients or vice versa.

The agriculture pathway is very well rounded and gets students ready for production agriculture in all areas that pertain to our district and beyond. We have an endless amount of industry grade resources to show students real world technology and how it gets done in the workplace.

Mentor Settings

  • Research Center
  • Veterinarian
  • Zoo

Mentor Experiences

  • Veterinarian Technology
  • Marine Biology
  • Agronomy
  • Cattle/Rancher
  • Livestock Nutrition
  • Farrier




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