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Get an early taste of a career in education and counseling.

Students interested in the education pathway can take courses in the field to better prepare themselves in the field of general education. Mentorships will allow students to specialize in the field they are interested in, whether it be preschool through high school, or working with students with specific special needs, such as speech and language pathologists, special education, occupational therapy, autism, and more. Students take classes related to general education needs to help them become more familiar with the educational field.

Mentor Settings

  • College
  • Elementary, Middle, High Schools

Mentor Experiences

  • Elementary Teacher
  • Math Professor
  • Music Teacher
  • Art Teacher
  • English Teacher
  • Christian Education
  • Special Education
  • Exercise Science Education
  • Agriculture Teacher
  • Early Childhood Teacher




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  • nebraskacaps
    Nebraska CAPS @nebraskacaps Feb 13
    Maddie Witmer is learning the art of glass blowing while mentoring at Hastings College this semester. https://t.co/T17P7vg0O3
  • nebraskacaps
    Nebraska CAPS @nebraskacaps Jan 30
    Part 2 of the day was spent at an etiquette dinner where the seniors learned about proper table manners. https://t.co/OJEm9WckjR
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