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sports medicine

learn about prevention, management and rehabilitation of injuries in the physically active population.

The Sports Medicine courses are a comprehensive survey of the basic principles of sports medicine and athletic training. Designed for those interested in professions in sports medicine such as athletic training, physical therapy, orthopedics and sports performance this course covers a variety of topics: Emergent Care, Evaluation and Treatment, Musculoskeletal Systems, Taping and Wrapping Skills, Care and Prevention, Strength Training and Nutrition.

Upon completion of Sports Medicine, the Research and Innovation course provides a true application of the principles taught in the classroom and practiced in the CAPS Human Performance Lab. Here the students are provided supervised, clinical experiences at a multitude of approved clinical settings to put their learning and skills into practice.

Students are expected to create anything from a research project to a tangible product designed to enhance the field of sports medicine. Anything is possible in these courses because the student determines the project and what they work on.

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